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Welcome! This quick quiz can help you gauge your current anxiety levels. There are no right or wrong answers, just be honest with yourself about how you’ve been feeling in the past week.

Also, your data is safe, we do not collect or share your data. It’s just you who is taking the test.


Understand Your Anxiety Levels Instantly!

Choose the answer that best reflects your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Anxiety Test Online

This questionnaire helps to identify the frequency and intensity of anxiety symptoms you may be experiencing. It can be a useful tool to discuss with a healthcare provider.

Consider how often you experience each symptom in a typical week. Choose the answer that best reflects your experience.

Higher total scores indicate a greater level of anxiety. However, a healthcare professional should interpret the results for a complete assessment.

You can take this questionnaire on your own. It's a self-assessment tool. However, sharing the results with a healthcare provider is important for proper evaluation and guidance.

If your scores suggest high levels of anxiety, it's important to seek advice from a healthcare professional. They can provide a thorough assessment and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Not necessarily. Anxiety disorders can manifest in different ways. Even if you don't experience all the symptoms listed, it's still a good idea to discuss your concerns with a healthcare provider.

No, this questionnaire cannot diagnose anxiety disorders. It is a screening tool that helps identify potential symptoms of anxiety. A healthcare professional will need to conduct a detailed assessment for a diagnosis.

Yes, there are many resources available online and including our blog mentioned below.

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This anxiety test is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The results of this test should not be used as a definitive measure of your mental health condition. Anxiety is a complex issue and can be influenced by various factors beyond the scope of this test. If you have concerns about your mental health or experience symptoms of anxiety, it is recommended to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare professional. Additionally, the interpretation of the scores provided here is subjective and may vary depending on individual circumstances. Use this test as a starting point for self-reflection and discussion with a healthcare provider, but do not solely rely on it to assess your mental health status.