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Why Will Power?

Willpower motivates you every day to get up and start your day. It provides the desire, energy, and enthusiasm that propels you and your inner self to accomplish goals with flying colors.

Want Won't Will

June is here already. Have you struggled to keep your new year’s resolutions? You are not alone! Studies reveal not more than 20% can persist more than a month, there are two things to it

How to Develop Willpower

A young lad would come to school early morning each day to start the fire in the pot-bellied coal stove to keep the classroom warm. On one unfortunate morning, his classmates arrived to find the premises in flames, his peers managed to drag the unconscious little boy out and took him to the nearby county hospital.

The Way to Will

Until 2001, Wang Enlin was happy living his life making dumplings and playing cards with his friends. All of a sudden his entire community was flooded with toxic wastewater from the overflowing drains of a chemical factory.