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Exploring Inner Child Issues

Ever feel like you’re reacting to the present based on a script written in your childhood? You might find yourself fearing abandonment or pushing people away unintentionally, both stemming from unmet needs in your younger years.

A Guide to DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Introduction Strong connections with others are like sunshine for our minds. Studies show that healthy relationships boost happiness, lower stress, and improve physical health. But sometimes, navigating these connections can be tricky.

Inner Child Healing: The Key to Unlocking Your Potential

Mapping of Heart: A Journey of Inner Child Healing Emily was a super cartographer. She could even draw a whole town blindfolded! But secretly, she was scared of getting lost, even on streets she knew well.

The Forgiver's Dilemma: Can Letting Go Set You Free?

Imagine two people in a relationship, like friends or partners. One person (let’s call her Samantha) does something wrong to the other (David), like backstabbing, espionage, stalking, sabotage, or breaking a promise.

Your Guide to Avoiding Pop-Psych & Finding Effective Therapy

Story : Pop-psychologist Dr. Sunshine Harmony Meet Dr. Sunshine Harmony, her office walls adorned with framed motivational posters featuring puppies frolicking in meadows and inspirational quotes like “Believe in the magic within!

Unveiling the Secrets of Healing: A Conversation with Renowned Therapist Mitch Davidowitz

Years ago, while working as a Bereavement Coordinator of Hospice, Mitch met a woman in tears. Her husband had just died. In the first session, she declared, “I am not coming back; I only came this time out of curiosity.