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Quitting, the only Option

A scorpion entered a carpentry shop, and as she slithered around, she tripped over a saw and received a minor cut. “Ma’am, I’m relaxing after a long day of work.

Note to Younger Self on Overcoming Anxiety

In this issue, the executive director of a Fortune 50 corporation discusses her own experience with anxiety and depression. More than her professional achievements, she is most proud of the fact that despite her difficulties with learning, she has earned two graduate degrees, and despite her social phobia, she has traveled alone to over 50 countries.

Integral Somatic Psychology : New Approach to Anxiety Management

Anxiety, when it is not caused by a medical condition, is usually an intense fear that something bad is going to happen to us on the outside or the inside: Of losing one’s job or partner, becoming ill, or the emergence of an unacceptable pleasant emotion such as sexuality or an unbearable unpleasant emotion such as sadness.

Want Won't Will

June is here already. Have you struggled to keep your new year’s resolutions? You are not alone! Studies reveal not more than 20% can persist more than a month, there are two things to it

Ten Strategies to Cope with Anxiety

Pooja had a troubled childhood. She grew up watching her parents quarrel frequently. The topics would range from lack of trust to ego issues. She would often see her mother plot things against her father.

Five Easy Ways to Manage Jealousy

Shobha was a well-educated working professional, juggling between home and work in her mid-thirties. She was married to a consultant and had a daughter. Due to work reasons, her husband Shiv had to move to Singapore.