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Understanding Burnout: Causes, Symptoms, and Management Strategies

Story John had always taken his job as a fraud investigator seriously. He knew that his work was crucial in ensuring that the people of his State who were in need received the financial assistance they deserved.

Insights on Therapy, Growth, and Decision-Making from a Mental Health Community Discussion

This article summarizes a mental health community discussion where individuals shared their recent learnings and insights related to therapy, addiction, health, personal growth, and decision-making.

Managing Burnout: Tips for Finding Balance in a Demanding World

“I knew I had to make a change, but I didn’t know how,” she said to her counsellor, her eyes downcast. “I was at a loss.

Ten Strategies to Cope with Anxiety

Story : The Scars of Childhood Pooja had a troubled childhood. She grew up watching her parents quarrel frequently. The topics would range from lack of trust to ego issues.

Family Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic World

The Coronavirus pandemic, and its associated self-isolation, have brought many concerns to families and children. Due to the lockdown and self-isolation, all family members are now huddled together under one roof.