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Art of Journaling

We have published some interviews over the past few months. There was one must-do recommendation that echoed in all advice we heard, and it was about journaling.

Thirty Three Percent

Here’s an investment scenario : You’re given 100 bucks at the start of the day. You must spend 33, and they won’t fetch any tangible returns.

Expect Less, Accept More

It was in mid 2015, when Manish stepped into his 40s, doing fairly well by all standards. Privileged upbringing, quality education, fat pay-check, sweet home and a loving family in Chattarpur, Delhi.

Tales from Tihar

It was in the early nineties when Kiran Bedi took over the reins of Tihar. She put together a team of psychiatrists and psychologists for violence management.

Don't Stress, Stress

Two young ladies used to commute together to their college. Over the hour-long journey in the train, they would chat about everything under the sun. An evening on their way back home, one of them was a little low.

The Sun never loses it's Light

A brilliant young man was asked by his ailing father to look after his business. In the new regime, the employees were very happy, but the business itself went into debt and shutters had to be pulled down.