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Journaling Prompts to Overcome Workplace Jealousy

Imagine your colleague getting a promotion. Jealousy hits you, leaving you feeling down and questioning your worth. We’ve all been there. Studies show that over 70% of working professionals experience envy towards colleagues at some point [Source: Get Marlee, Jealousy at Work].

Understanding Jealousy and Envy Causes, Consequences, Treatment, and Coping Strategies

It was a beautiful day at the coffee shop. The sun was shining, and the smell of fresh coffee wafted through the air. Emma was sitting at her favorite table, enjoying a latte and a croissant when she received a call from Samantha.

Eleven Cures to Workplace Jealousy

Story Shobha graciously invited her colleague, Rajesh, for a delightful dinner. She eagerly urged him to order his favorite dish, her eyes sparkling with anticipation as she sat across the table.

Jealousy Symptoms and Cure

Story: Curious Case of Sobha’s Pathological Jealousy Are you feeling possessive, intrusive, vindictive, and hateful? Do you intend to hurt someone or trash-talk them behind their back?

Five Easy Ways to Manage Jealousy

Story: Tangled Whispers Shobha, a highly educated and employed individual in her thirties, successfully balanced her responsibilities at home and work. She was married to Shiv, a consultant, and they had a daughter together.

How to Deal with Jealousy

Story Samantha was a mid-aged business executive struggling to keep her business afloat. She approached David, stating business interests, and tried to forge a partnership.