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How to Navigate Grief in a Healthy Manner

Throughout history and across cultures, varied traditions and rituals have aided in coping with grief. Ancient Egyptians honored their deceased with elaborate tombs. African cultures found strength in communal grieving.

Unveiling the Secrets of Healing: A Conversation with Renowned Therapist Mitch Davidowitz

Years ago, while working as a Bereavement Coordinator of Hospice, Mitch met a woman in tears. Her husband had just died. In the first session, she declared, “I am not coming back; I only came this time out of curiosity.

Tales from Tihar

It was in the early nineties when Kiran Bedi took over the reins of Tihar. She put together a team of psychiatrists and psychologists for violence management.

Don't Stress, Stress : A Therapist's Perspective

Two young women used to travel together on the train to their college, and during the hour-long journey, they would chat about anything and everything. One evening, on the way back home, one seemed down, and the other sensed it immediately.