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Strengthening Willpower

In the cauldron of commerce, Where deals are made and fortunes built, She rose, a mistress of deceit, And for a time, her power was felt.

From Fury to Failure: The importance of Addressing Anger Issues

Once upon a time, in a grand estate nestled in the countryside, lived a couple, Samantha and Sab. Samantha was a fierce force of nature, with a burning ambition that constantly drove her to the next milestone.

Managing Burnout: Tips for Finding Balance in a Demanding World

“I knew I had to make a change, but I didn’t know how,” she said to her counsellor, her eyes downcast. “I was at a loss.

Steps to Anger Management

Shobha and Pooja went to a movie in a theatre and sat beside each other. It was all fine between them, and Pooja occasionally peered at Shobha to confirm if she was enjoying the movie.

Urge to Control is the Mother of Anxiety

Pamela’s Anxiety: A Gift from Her Mother Those butterflies in the stomach. Flutters in the chest. Perhaps you felt dizzy, had a headache, or found your mind racing.

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Story: A Trembling Wreck It was Pooja’s elocution competition. Her mother had prepared her to speak. Pooja gradually walked up to the stage. She realized her hands were trembling, her palms were sweating, and her body felt shaky; her heart was beating so fast that it could come out of her chest; she felt numb and ran out of breath.