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Tale of a Dog's Tail

Story It was a crisp autumn day in the quaint village of Bullsville, and the golden leaves had begun to fall from the trees. A young girl named Pamela lived in her mansion nestled among the greens.

Understanding and Managing Anger: Strategies and Tips from Experts

Story Emma sat in the living room reading a book while her sister Lily was engrossed in her phone. “Lily, can I please use your phone for a bit?

From Fury to Failure: The importance of Addressing Anger Issues

Once upon a time, in a grand estate nestled in the countryside, lived a couple, Samantha and Sab. Samantha was a fierce force of nature, with a burning ambition that constantly drove her to the next milestone.

Steps to Anger Management

Shobha and Pooja went to a movie in a theatre and sat beside each other. It was all fine between them, and Pooja occasionally peered at Shobha to confirm if she was enjoying the movie.

The Challenge of Anger Management

Sobha knew not a single soul - neither personal nor professional companionship. If any, it was for lip service. She ran into financial trouble with all of her tiny businesses.

Scorpion and the Wise Man

A wise man named Ram was once cooling off along the banks of a river with one of his friends Shiv. Ram spotted a scorpion struggling to float.