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Play Therapy: A Powerful Tool for Mental Health

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Emily. She was a sweet and playful seven-year-old, but something was bothering her. Emily had been experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, making it difficult for her to sleep and behave normally.

Decoding Trauma & Discovering Passion: Interview with Clinical Psychologist

In her demureness, a young lady approached a psychology teacher to seek answers to some questions. The questions would range from “How do people approach each other?

Ego vs Esteem : Building Healthy Relationships and Nurturing Personal Growth

A young lady approached Picasso in a restaurant and asked him if she could keep the napkin he’d been doodling on. Picasso said it would cost her 40 000 francs.

Thirty Three Percent

Imagine this investment scenario: You’re given $100 at the start of the day. The catch is that you must spend $33 of it without expecting any tangible returns.

Psyche of Psychologist

What do you consider the most inexpensive thing? Anything that is of no worth, and there could be many, you’d argue. But what if we were to pick just one?

Expect Less, Accept More

It was in mid-2015 when Manish stepped into his 40s, doing reasonably well by all standards. Privileged upbringing, quality education, fat paycheck, sweet home, and a loving family in Chattarpur, Delhi.