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The Best Ways to Manage Burnout: Strategies for Regaining Health and Well-being

Burnout was like a supervillain stalking Peter, a young man driven to excel in his studies and later in his career. But as time went on, the constant demands of his job and personal life began to take a toll on him.

Managing Burnout: Tips for Finding Balance in a Demanding World

“I knew I had to make a change, but I didn’t know how,” she said to her counsellor, her eyes downcast. “I was at a loss.

The Challenge of Anger Management

Sobha knew not a single soul - neither personal nor professional companionship. If any, it was for lip service. She ran into financial trouble with all of her tiny businesses.

Eleven Cures to Workplace Jealousy

Shobha invited a colleague of her’s to dinner. She requested him to order something he relished as she sat across the table. They started their meal, Shobha felt her meal to be average and kept staring at her friend while he devoured his.

Quitting, the only Option

A scorpion entered a carpentry shop, and as she slithered around, she tripped over a saw and received a minor cut. “Ma’am, I’m relaxing after a long day of work.

Note to Younger Self on Overcoming Anxiety

In this issue, the executive director of a Fortune 50 corporation discusses her own experience with anxiety and depression. More than her professional achievements, she is most proud of the fact that despite her difficulties with learning, she has earned two graduate degrees, and despite her social phobia, she has traveled alone to over 50 countries.