Why Will Power?

Willpower motivates you every day to get up and start your day. It provides the desire, energy, and enthusiasm that propels you and your inner self to accomplish goals with flying colors.

Charles Bukowski writes in Factotum:

“If you’re going to try, go all the way.

Otherwise, don’t even start.

It could mean not eating for three or four days.

It could mean freezing on a park bench.

It could mean jail.

It could mean derision.

It could mean mockery–isolation.

Isolation is a gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it.

And, you’ll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds.

And it will be better than anything else you can imagine.

If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that.

You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire.

You will ride life straight to perfect laughter.

It’s the only good fight there is.”

Remember Shobha? The antagonist in our story on jealousy.

We all know she was a great business executive, she would shy a fox away from her cunningness, and the hawk would kill for her vision of a deal, she oozed confidence and strategies would galore at her whim.

She approached a youngster, but he rejected her offer, and ran his show.

She put a fight but Goliath was beaten by David. The Great Shobha Failed! David demonstrated will.

We all have Goliaths in our life. How do we get past them? The answer is in one’s will. How do we build it?

We’ve been writing a lot about will-power. Here’s one more article with actionable. Read on!

“To enhance willpower you have to believe in yourself, in your abilities, in your uniqueness. Believe anything is possible and take small steps each day to improve. If we improve ourselves by just 1% each day then in 100 days we are a completely different person. An improvement could be getting up earlier preparing for the day, and taking a deep breath instead of attaching to doubt anger or fear. Keep believing in yourself and your potential. A kind act each day, a compliment to a friend or work colleague, a smile, a positive sentence each morning to yourself in the mirror!! You are amazing, believe that is true. There are a million small things you can do each day to improve.

Self-doubt is an enemy of humanity, if it is allowed to creep into our minds it will destroy any opportunities or dreams we ever had. It takes over to the point we don’t see opportunities we just see obstacles that will cause us to fail. Self-doubt limits our lives and keeps us in a state of misery. Our behaviors and actions are driven by our beliefs about ourselves and the thoughts that we choose to attach to, self-doubt produces mediocre output in the world, and belief produces world-class output and copious amounts of willpower.

Believe in yourself, enhance your willpower and become the best version of yourself, you are amazing and you have magic inside waiting to be expressed to the world, start believing today, and willpower will show itself to you.” Kevin Morland

“Our willpower aligns with our true Higher Self, our Soul. Our heart is the key focus to generating willpower that will self-sustain for a long time. The heart is where our passion is. The heart is connected to our Souls. When we quiet our mind’s chit-chats ( which are mostly conditioned/ programmed by our human societies/ traditions/ cultures/ shoulds and have to), our true self emerges.

Finding that True essence of ourselves free from the nay says, or conditions from external influences become the main task to your will power. that is just the first step. our heart/ passion/ true joy pinpoints the direction of our will. If the direction is right/ suitable to our Soul, the will free flows.

Our wills are nurtured by patience. We do not need to race. We are programmed to race against others by competition. There is no competition. there is only a natural unfolding of who we are from within. Much like a Jacaranda tree’s blooming and growing. When a tree grows, it cares not whether other trees around it grows faster than itself or not.

When the season is right, the timing, weather, temperature, and needed five elements ( fire, air, water, earth, and love ) are present, the tree has it is innate knowing deeply encoded into itself, its buds stretch, its branches expand and it blooms. It expresses itself and evolves.

If you are a jacaranda tree, enjoy and embrace being a jacaranda! do not worry about racing against a wattle tree for blooming. Always look within first. Be proud to be a jacaranda tree even if the whole world knows nothing about the jacaranda tree. When we do things because we are expressing the highest version in the grandest vision of who we truly are, our will free flows endlessly and joyfully! Lynne Wu

“What you don’t know you can’t love. Spend time in self-reflection. Whether it is journaling, practicing silence, or meditation. Invest time to understand yourself better. Permit yourself to tune out from the external chaos and go within yourself, stay quiet long enough to hear your inner voice. It will help you build your willpower exponentially.

Be mindful of how to speak to yourself. If the thoughts about yourself are critical, condescending, and negative, you don’t need an external source to break your spirit. You are doing a very good job of it yourself. So, be kind to yourself first.”

Mallika Rao

“Take one small task or a goal as simple as drinking a glass of water…and ensure you do it the same time every day for at least 10 days.

Observe your resistance and do it anyway.

Will power is a muscle to exercise. Train your mind to listen to you with simple tasks that you consciously believe are simple.

The next step is to increase the intensity of the task.

This is if you can master 5 simple to medium tasks…. You developed a great working relationship with your mind rather than being controlled by your mind.

Tame your mind. It’s your best friend.”

Manna Abraham

“My todo would be to use the anger and frustration that is emotionally built up inside of us to be able to access a new way of thinking and having the set destination to where you see your life going always speak positively over your life and hold that integrity to yourself no one else.

My do not would be to not doubt yourself and not to listen to others take notes and see if you can fit them into your life if don’t make them fit. I’d also suggest leaving whatever no longer serves a purpose in your life.” Matthew Burgess

“Celebrate the little things and don’t wait until the end. Quite often we are fearful of celebrating the little things because we think it will jinx the outcome or make us look like we are not focussed on the main goal. Celebrating the little things provides us with the energy to get through the tough times and therefore increases our ability to stay strong.

Don’t get fixated on a plan or outcome and not be prepared to change. Too often we feel if we don’t achieve what we set out to do at the start we have failed. When in reality we learn as we grow and we know more as we progress. By being flexible and open to change we get better outcomes and achieve greater willpower to succeed.”

Michele Reading

“Willpower is your belief in your self construct. Your belief in “no matter what”. Willpower is what you commit yourself to. So how do you hold on to that?

Surround yourself with people who believe and encourage you, not people who bring negativity to the table, second guess, or steer you away from a goal. Because it takes courage and strength of conviction to hold on to what you believe in.

The reason Alcoholics Anon works so well is the person surrounds themselves with people

a) who are going through the same battle and therefore get it and

b) create a positive resonance around each other that uplifts and doesn’t pull down.

What you don’t do, is allow your limiting beliefs to talk you down from your goal. Be with people or put yourself into situations that negate what you’re trying to do and achieve. Most of all self affirm every day why you are exercising willpower. No matter what you don’t lose sight of your goal. Put it on your mirror, on your fridge to remind yourself of your goal.”

Monisha Mitra

“When you talk about Willpower Enhancement, I am looking at it from a goal attainment perspective. So whenever we set a goal, there is always a timeline that we need to accomplish it within. And sometimes, the goal might take a long period. And not every one of us is dedicated enough or patient enough. And when we don’t see the results (because it will be seen after that timeline) people get bored or lose interest.

So 1 To-Do - Always break down your big goal into smaller ones. Always. If something has to take, for example, 6 months to achieve, break it into what would be the monthly smaller goals of the same thing. This will keep the pace consistently higher when you see those smaller goals getting accomplished. You channel the fuel you get from the smaller goals to keep sticking to your bigger ones. This keeps the willpower going!!

And 1 Not-To-Do - aim for realistic figures. Don’t go to extremes. Especially if you are not even breaking down your major goal. Because if we set huge numbers, it can overwhelm us. And even before starting, one already starts to feel the fatigue!! Which makes the willpower drop.”

Natasha Singh

Will and power when we talk about both these words generally Will is associated with the mind. Power is associated with the body. But let me give you a secret both these words are connected to both mind and body. And will power enhancement is better coordination of mind and body.

Whenever any action mental or physical requires willpower for example- leaving your favorite food for losing weight or learning a new language for promotion or being able to tackle a difficult situation whether on the personal or professional level.

Our subconscious brings our deep-seated fears, conditioning, and triggers which do not exist in the present but seem to and this hijacks our brain and body.

We overthink become indecisive and get stuck. Now in this situation, we react by “fight-flight-freeze or fawn “.

How to break this loop of going into past failures or experiences which just bring us into lower emotions? And this breaking helps enhance willpower as even little action becomes a dose of enhancement. How to come to this action?

  1. Breath:- Just the breath first thing which happens in case of any overpowering thought is our breath is shortened when we breathe fully from our belly the impact of the situation starts diluting. So when our body breathes, the brain is unable to make a big fearful picture of the event or situation, or feeling. And this gives us a little dose of will to handle the situation.

  2. Celebrate: - Your goal may be big and it may take long but even if you took one step towards it “celebrate”. The celebration can be taking a nap eating food of your choice to listening to your favorite music… Just anything but the idea is to celebrate. Conscious Celebration creates a sense of acknowledgment and happy/victory memory in our subconscious brain as well as muscle memory.

  3. Address: - Address your fears and failures with the angle of learning and curiosity just ask: - what are you learning from the situation? How can I do something different in this situation? What and how always shift us from reaction to response. And being “response + able = responsible” gives us the courage to decide and works in willpower enhancement.

You can remember these three as ABCs of willpower enhancement. " Pallavi Kashyap

“Willpower is the drive to resist short-term temptations to meet our long-term goals. Some describe it as a battle between logic and emotions. Maybe it’s turning down dessert to help us look better in the new dress we have bought. It could be studying for the test we need to ace rather than watching several episodes of a favorite Netflix series.

No doubt it’s a challenge because you long for the temptation, and when we are told to resist it, our mind simply throws in a sad face or an upset mood, and then the longing grows even furthermore.

We immediately start to justify to ourselves how we can compensate if we give in to the temptation. What exactly is the test of our willpower. Will you be able to sustain the power of staying away or will you give in is the question?

Will power is usually backed by consistent mindfulness practice, strong mental self-worth, and positive self-talk. And that kind of willpower will not make us feel bad or sad or upset for resisting the temptation rather will make us feel more empowered.

One thing to avoid while practicing willpower enhancement is to take too much at a time. Don’t make every moment a testing moment. If we put ourselves to the test for every temptation then the success rate may be low and the rate of disappointment may be higher. Instead, taking one temptation at a time and feeling confident about ourselves on successfully resisting the same is healthier practice. It’s OK to be afraid but it’s not OK to not try.

Ketki Wagh Kondalkar

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