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R7 System for New Year Resolutions

Some 4000 years ago, the Babylons celebrated a massive 12-day harvest festival known as Akitu. One of the rituals during the festival was to make promises to the (pagans) gods to pay their debts and return any objects they had borrowed.

How to Avoid Relationship Problems in 2022

While little is known in modern times about ancient deities, one of them to contemplate upon is the Roman God Janus. He has two faces, often portrayed with one bearded older face, and the other clean-shaven face of youth looking towards the future.

9 Relationship Management Advice from Experts

Our existence is the summation of our relationships. Relationships not just with people, but with self, with surroundings, with ecology, with art forms, with concepts, faiths, and even theories.

How to write your daily journal?

This post is a conitnuation of our guide to journaling. We dig a little deeper into the finer nuances of journaling. “When it comes to journaling, a person should gradually grow comfortable with penning down his thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Art of Journaling

We have published some interviews over the past few months. There was one must-do recommendation that echoed in all advice we heard, and it was about journaling.